How to delete a full directory or folder in Ubuntu Linux?

Dung Do Tien Aug 04 2020 990

I want to delete a folder in my server Ubuntu, I want to delete all everything inside in that folder include images, files and subfolders. I tried:

rmdir Images

But I get an error:

rmdir: failed to remove `Images': Directory not empty

Please tell me if you have any suggestions.

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    Sandeep Kumar Aug 04 2020

    I think your command almost correct. You can use the below command :

    rm -rf Images 

    In some case, if you get permission denied message, please run the command below:

    sudo rm -rf Images 

    We have some options to remove a folder as below:

    -f = to ignore non-existent files, never prompt.
    -r = to remove directories and their contents recursively.
    -v = to explain what is being done.

    I hope this answer helpful to you.

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