Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused in Docker container

Dung Do Tien Feb 07 2021 1107

I'm studying Docker, I just installed Redis inside  Docker container, everything installs success but when I type redis-cli comand to access Redis local IP port 6379 so I got an error:  Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused

Could not connect to Redis at Connection refuse
not connected>

Note that Redis is installed inside of Docker container. If install in Ubuntu OS It's still working fine for me.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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    Do Chuong Feb 07 2021

    This error occurs when Redis is disabled. To start Redis server you can run the command below:

    1. Redis install inside of Docker container

    sudo service redis-server start

    To restart Redis inside Docker run command:

    sudo service redis-server restart

    2. Redis install outside of Docker(In OS such as Ubuntu)

    systemctl restart redis-server
    systemctl enable redis-server

    To check the status of Redis run command:

     systemctl status redis-server
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