How to set and get REDIS maximum memory size in Ubuntu?

Dung Do Tien Mar 08 2021 947

I have a small VPS server install Ubuntu 18. I Installed Redis and deploy the website on that server. I don't know default what's default maximum RAM for Redis. And now I want to limit it to 400MB.

How can I get the current config maximum RAM for Redis and set it to 400MB?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Blue Jame Mar 08 2021

    To check the max size memory configure for Redis you have to access inside Redis server by command redis-cli

    1. To get the current max memory size, you can use the command below:

     config get maxmemory

    Output :> config get maxmemory
    1) "maxmemory"
    2) "1000000000">

    2. To set max memory size for Redis. For example, set to 400MB using the command below:

     config set maxmemory 400M 
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