What are the Constraints in SQL Server?

Dung Do Tien Oct 19 2020 739

I'm a beginner in SQL server. I know the concept of constraint in SQL but I don't know what are the Constraints in SQL Server?

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    Marry Christ Oct 19 2020

    What are Constraints in SQL Server?

    Constraints in SQL Server are rules and restrictions applied on a column or a table such that unwanted data can't be inserted into tables. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data in the database. We can create constraints on single or multiple columns of any table. Constraints maintain the data integrity and accuracy in the table.

    How many types of constraints provided in the SQL server?

    SQL Server contains the following 6 types of constraints:

    • Not Null Constraint
    • Check Constraint
    • Default Constraint
    • Unique Constraint
    • Primary Constraint
    • Foreign Constraint
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