Error: /opt/lampp/bin/mysql.server: 264: kill: No such process

Dung Do Tien Jun 24 2021 972

I have a project with PHP + XAMPP and MariaDB. when I publish it into Ubuntu 20.04 and try to start XAMPP I am getting the following error and then the MySQL stops.

 ERROR: "/opt/lampp/bin/mysql.server: 260: kill: No such process"

my XAMPP is version 7.3.7.

How can I fix it?

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    Nguyễn Danh Ngọc Jun 24 2021

    Please follow some steps below:

    1. check status of MySQL, pls sure that it is activating by command service mysql status.

    2. Stop the MySQL service using the command service mysql stop, maybe require password to stop MySQL service.

    3. Now all you need to do is start xampp normally using sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start.

    I hope it resolve issue for you!

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