The specified task executable "dotnet" could not be run.

Dung Do Tien Feb 12 2020 1334

I have a website written by .net core and I deploy to docker Linux Ubuntu 18 when I build image docker I get an error below :

 The specified task executable "dotnet" could not be run. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (12): Cannot allocate memory [/src/ABC.App/ABC.App.csproj]

Please support me if you have any suggestions.

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    Dung Do Tien Feb 17 2020

    Hi Mr.Dung

    I also get this error on Linux Ubuntu 18 in VPS of vultr. I have to restart my server and it working for me.

    1. Server environment: Restart your server

    2. Development environment: Restart Visual studio (your editor).


    I hope this helpful for you.


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    Manish Kumar Feb 18 2020

    Wow. It working for me. 

    Thanks Jonh Jacker many 

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