The operation failed as details for project could not be loaded in Core

Dung Do Tien Feb 27 2022 474

I have a project in Asp.Net core 3.1, after creating the project everything still works well for me. After pushing it on GitHub and rebuild the project I got an exception the operation failed as details for project  could not be loaded.

The operation failed as details for project Test.GoogleNotification.App could not be loaded

I use VS 2019 and .Net Core 3.1.

I tried to clear the solution, delete bin & obj folders but the issue was still not solved for me.

Do you know any solution to solve it?

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    Truong Thai Feb 27 2022

    I remember I got this issue several times before, I solved it by restart visual studio  and then trying to build the solution again. And it works for me.

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