How to get values from the querystring in ASP.NET Core?

Dung Do Tien Aug 18 2020 1680

I am building an application using Core MVC 3.1. I have created a middleware to filter login and I want to get username param from URL. I use code as below:

 string username = HttpContext.Request.Query["username"];

The problem is that HttpContext.Request.Query["username"] doesn't return a string.

So how to get values from the query string in ASP.NET Core? Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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    Sandeep Kumar Aug 18 2020

    You need to cast it to string. You can replace your code to as below:

     string username = HttpContext.Request.Query["username"].ToString(); 

    You can use this way inside a html page, middleware, logic business layer.

    But if get query string inside an action of a controller you can get it throught parameter, as below :

    public IActionResult Login(string username)
      // Variable username will hold value of query string from url
       return View();

    If you want to access querystring in view cshtm, you can use code below:

      var username  = Context.Request.Query["username"].ToString();

    I hope this answer is helpful for you.

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