FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory in Python

Dung Do Tien Dec 31 2020 1072

I'm running my code in Python Ver3.9(Window10) and get the error status: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory, here my code:

    path = "Image/text.txt"
    file = open(path,'r').read()

In my program, I have a lot of files to call, I need a solution to solve it thoroughly on my computer and others too, with different paths but all calling a file name. Help me, many tks guys! 

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    Mary Christ Dec 30 2020

    Okey, here my solutions :

    Step 1: check your file name and path again.

    Step 2: Find a correct full path with your filename like this form:                                                  

     FOLDER(If any)/FILENAME            
        - If you run the code in the normal way:
           full_path = "D:/Users/Admin/Desktop/FOLDER/FILENAME.txt"  
      E.g: full_path =  "D:/Users/Admin/Desktop/Image/text.txt" 

    Step 3: Put the path form in your code:                                                                        

     path = "D:/Users/Admin/Desktop/Image/text.txt"   
     file = open(path,'r').read()#print(file)                                       

    NOTE: IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO USE a correct full path with your filename like this form, you can use like that(not availability if you run your code in COMMAND PROMPT(CMD)         

     #FOLDER = "Image" 
     #FILENAME = "text.txt"
     path = "Image/text.txt"

    Here my code manually find exactly 1 path when there is only file name:                          

    import time, os
    #FOLDER = "Image"                                                     
    #FILENAME = "text.txt"
    yourpath = "Image/text.txt"
    def Find_Path(yourpath):
        find_path = os.path.abspath(yourpath)
        link_path = find_path.replace("\\", "/").split('!')
        print("FULL LINK PATH: ",link_path)
        for filename in link_path:
            print("YOUR FILE NAME: ",filename)
            read_file = open(filename,'r').read()

    I hope my solution useful for you, If you still have questions, please comment below for my support:)))

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