What is the difference between block and inline html tag?

Dung Do Tien May 29 2020 960

I have studied about <div> and <span> tags and I know In javascript have two tag types are block and inline.

<div> is a block tag and <span>is an inline tag so what is the difference between block and inline Html tag?

Thank you for any explanation.

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    Sandeep Kumar Jun 26 2020

    The main difference is in the total width they will occupy.


    - Block tag always displays with default full-line, It accounts for 100% of the line and makes a new line for another tag. So never have two tags display in the same line.


    - Inline tag display by content, Total width of them depends on the content inside them. So maybe have many tags display in the same line.


    - Block tags usually are container tags, So block tag will content inline tag and I recommend you shouldn't do the opposite.

    Block and inline tag


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