How can I get dynamic checkbox checked value in jQuery?

Dung Do Tien Nov 05 2020 1006

I have a form with a list of categories for user choose but It generates dynamic from an array, and how can I get checked value from the user?

This is my code by core:

 <div class="custom-select">
    @foreach (var cate in Model.ListCategory)
        <input id="[email protected]" type="checkbox" value="@cate.Id" /> 
        <lable for="[email protected]">@cate.Title</lable>
<div clas="form-item">
  <button type="button" id="btnSubmit">Submit</button>

Now I want to click to Submit button, I will alert all options categories selected from the user.

Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    Marry Christ Nov 08 2020

    I think dynamic or fix, they are the same and we have some way to get checkbox checked value.

    First, you have to set a name for the check box, because we'll get the value selected through the name attribute.

      <input id="[email protected]" type="checkbox" value="@cate.Id" name="cbCategory" />  

    And in jquery code:

     var checkboxChecked = $('.custom-select input[name=cbCategory]:checked');
        // Do stuff here with this

    You can see some other solution and example from this q&a.

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