Today Javascript is a top of the most popular programming language with many programmers choosing to study it. We have a report of GitHut 2.0 about all programming languages. You can see in the image below that percent pull requests of Javascript is always top 1 in many years.

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners

Top Programming languages as per GitHut 2.0

Nowadays learn online is the trend of the world. So if you are a beginner and want to learn Javascript, you can start to learn online in the top 9 best websites to learn javascript free for beginners below.

To learn Javascript online we have two type website:
-  Learn by tutorial 
-  Learn by short content and practice code.

1. MDN Mozilla Javascript tutorials

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Free

MDN is a popular website in the world. It explains every detail about anything Javascript.
In MDN, It is provided with four tutorials for all developers level, includes of:

- Complete beginners

- JavaScript Guide

- Intermediate

- Advanced

In addition to offering a course about JavaScripts, MDN also offers a number of other courses, such as Html, Css, Http, Graphics ... So if you are interested in you can refer to this site.


1.1 Advantages

- MDN explains every detail about subjects in Javascript, also has many tips & tricks to explain and example code for those subjects of Javascript.

- MDN has developed the Firefox browser, so they have many experiences about how a browser reads & understands Javascript. All information they provide is very useful and reliable.

1.2 Disadvantages

- You can not practice code on this site and also can not test your knowledge about Javascript because it does not have a quiz test.

2. Codecademy JavaScript

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Only free 180 hours to study and after 15.99$ per month( ~1,800 hours).

Codecademy provides a complete javascript lesson design from basic to advanced. Very suitable for beginners to learn Javascript. Codecademy focuses more on design practice exercises, it helps students practice more to remember code, so it can help developers approach JavaScript faster.

Codecademy also supports learning many other programming languages such as Html, Css, Java, Python, Sql, Ruby…  Total 13 popular programming languages today.

2.1 Advantages

- The course is very accessible because the practice and following the instructions are the main.
- You can also read & learn Javascript through cheatsheet here 

2.2 Disadvantages

-  Not free at all.
- Exercises are sometimes rigid with respect to validate code.

3. W3schools Javascript tutorials [Recommend]

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Free tutorials and get certificate Javascript with $95 

For W3schoool, I think nobody learned programming without knowing this website. A website many popular to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and AngularJs.

W3c had lesson design by tutorial and provided information very detail subjects related to Javascript.


3.1 Advantages

- Provide the full range of subjects in Javascript.
- Provide many examples when you learn theory. 
- You can practice in parallel while studying theory with a popular editor online.

3.2 Disadvantages

- Provide & describe knowledge about subjects only stop at a basic level. If you want to learn more, you can refer to MDN, but I think it is enough for a beginner. 

4. Udemy

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Not free

Udemy is a popular website in the world about the marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to the skills they need to works.

With Udemy you can choose many courses related to Javascript. 
The lessons are designed by many famous authors in the world, you can rely on the number of learners and the rating of that course to refer and choose the quality and suitable course for you.
A course you will pay approximately 18 -20 dollars.

4.1 Advantages

- There are many quality courses for you to choose from.

4.2 Disadvantages

- Not free at all

5. Freecodecamp Javascript Practice [Recommend]

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Free

FreeCodeCamp free course *JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification*   with 300 hours to study about Javascript. FreeCodeCamp designed lessons like Codecademy. The content is very quality, complete and very detailed.
I think this is the best quality course compared to other websites, moreover it is free.

This website also free courses about Responsive web design(HTML, CSS), Front End Libraries, Data Visualization, APIs and Microservices, Information Security and Quality Assurance and Coding Interview Prep. 


5.1 Advantages

- Free at all.
- Best quality course.
- The practice is the main.

5.2 Disadvantages

- FreeCodeCamp is the same FreeCodeCamp so sometimes rigid with respect to validating code.


Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Not free

Pluralsight offers the most courses in the field of web programming and software development, here are all the basic courses such as HTML & CSS, C #, Javascript ... until current technologies such as NodeJs, Angular. There are also courses in graphic design and soft skills but not many.

Pluralsight allows teachers to directly teach learners through mentor systems, Skype communication. The cost is about $ 2 per minute. The language of the course is also English.

Pluralsight charges a fee by time, ie it does not sell courses directly, you will pay monthly or annually and can take the entire course on Pluralsight. Currently, Pluralsight offers 2 prices:
- Monthly: $ 29 a month
- Annual: $ 299 per year
- Premium: $ 449 per year

You can sign up and get a free 10-day trial. However, if you are a student, you can use the email of the school to study for free for 2 months. Or if you go to work, you can use the company's account.

6.1 Advantages

- Design lessons very good
- Have the mentor guide to learn

6.1 Disadvantages

- Not free

7. by practices

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Not free is a personal website. The author is Jad, he is a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Freelance Web Consultant based in Amsterdam.
The course has full knowledge basics about Javascript, very suitable for beginners.

His passion for JavaScript led him to create the most interactive & step by step JavaScript & React courses where he teaches modern & advanced concepts for beginners.
I feel this course is designed quite easy to learn, including theory and practice immediately, to help learners grasp the knowledge better.


7.1 Advantages

- Interactive tutorial + flashcards.
- Easy to learn.
- The theory is parallel with practice.

7.2 Disadvantages

- The amount of knowledge is at a basic level.
- Not free.

8.Rithm school Javascript tutorials

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Free

Rithm School is a Bootcamp and online resource for people looking to develop the necessary skills to land a job as a software engineer. They offer a full-time Bootcamp at their San Francisco campus, as well as free courses online.

Before beginning the full-time program, students must complete 80-120 hours of free online coursework, which follows a project-based curriculum. These courses cover topics such as terminal & UNIX, Git & Github, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Rithm School provides some courses free about Javascript for you learn such as :

- JavaScript Fundamentals
- Advanced JavaScript
- JavaScript Libraries 
- Back-end JavaScript

9. Eloquent javascript book

Top 9 best website to learn JavaScript online for beginners


Price: Free

This book is written by Marijn Haverbeke and it is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

This book includes three parts:
Part 1: Language
Part 2: Browser
Part 3: Node

This book description of subjects in Javascript very detailed and clear.

9.1 Advantages

- Free to read
- Detail theory

9.1 Disadvantages

- No practice, no quiz test.

10. Summary

In this article, I just introduced to you 9 best websites to learn javascript for beginners both free and paid.
In my experience in learning Javascript, I only learn in W3schools and read more deep theory in MDN and if I have any questions I have found an answer from 
If you are a beginner you can refer FreeCodeCamp for more practice. I think it is enough and free at all.