How to read environment variables setting from Node.js?

Dung Do Tien Jul 07 2021 627

I have a small project with Node.js. I wrote some code as below and I want to it only execute  if the current environment is the production mode.

var fs = require('fs');

if(check environment is production mode){ // I want to check environment here
    var rs = fs.createReadStream('./demofile.txt');
    rs.on('open', function () {
      console.log('The file is open');

My Nodejs version is v12.18.3

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    The process core module of Node.js provides the env property that hosts all the environment variables that were set at the moment the process was started.


    NODE_ENV is an environment  variable and it's set to default to development

    You can set the value to other mode (value) 

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    Nguyen Truong Giang Jul 07 2021

    You can do as below:

    if (process.env.NODE_ENV == "production") {
      // Your code here

    I hope it works for you.

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    Huỳnh Ngọc Thiện Jul 07 2021

    The process.env property returns an object containing the user environment. 

    For example, I create NODE_EVN with value production as below:

    $ node -e 'process.env.NODE_ENV = "production"'

    And you can write log of that variable as below:

    var mode = process.env.NODE_ENV;
    if (mode == "production") {
      // Your code here

     I hope it works for you.

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