How to convert sublists to a flat list using LINQ in C#

Dung Do Tien Dec 15 2020 1326

In C#, I have a list as below :

 public class Brand{
   public string Name {get; set;}
   public List<string> Models {get; set}

Now I want to get all value from Models properties and push it into a list variable.

I tried using LinQ with Select() method as below but it does not work for me.

 List<Brand> lstBrands = _brandBo.GetList();
List<string> lstModel = lstBrands.Select(x => x.Model.Select(y => y).ToList()).ToList();

lstModel always return a nested list. Thanks for any solution.

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    Sandeep Kumar Dec 15 2020

    You can use SelectMany() of LinQ to merge many sublists into a list. You can do as below:

     List<Brand> lstBrands = _brandBo.GetList();
    List<string> lstModel = lstBrands.SelectMany(x => x.Model.Select(y => y)).ToList();  

    I hope it is helpful for you.

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