How to get first day and last day of previous month in C#?

Dung Do Tien May 29 2022 714

Hello guys. I'm working for an IT computer as an intern. I need to create an admin page that helps show detail and export data. The end-user can choose "Last month" option to see all data for the last month, I'm using C# LinQ to query like this:

 public async Task<List<NotifyUsers>> Gets(int top)
    DateTime firstDayOfLastMonth = ......; // Need to define first day of last month here
    DateTime lastDayOfLastMonth = .......; // Need to define last day of last month here
    return await _db.NotifyUsers.Where(x => x.CreatedDate >= firstDayOfLastMonth && x.CreatedDate <= lastDayOfLastMonth)

I don't know how to set value for firstDayOfLastMonth and lastDayOfLastMonth variables.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you in advance!

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    SunilKumar SJ May 29 2022

    I usually use this way:

     DateTime today = DateTime.Now;
    DateTime fistDayOfCurrentMonth = new DateTime(today.Year, today.Month, 1);
    DateTime firstDayOfLastMonth = fistDayOfCurrentMonth.AddMonths(-1);
    DateTime lastDayOfLastMonth = fistDayOfCurrentMonth.AddDays(-1);

     I hope it is useful for you.

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    PIHU ROCKS May 29 2022

    Do you hear about FluentDateTime package in C#? It's very simple like this:

     var lastMonth = 1.Months().Ago().Date;
    var firstDayOfMonth = lastMonth.FirstDayOfMonth();
    var lastDayOfMonth = lastMonth.LastDayOfMonth();

    Happy code :D:D:D

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